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As a customer with us, you can always count on a final result that is optimized according to your needs and wishes. Communication is important to us.

We bring history with us into the future

Under the Amsta brand, we manufacture stainless steel vessels with the same sense of quality and craftsmanship today as when we started. Through knowledge of how manufacturing was focused on different types of stainless steel articles, we can still benefit from our long-standing background. Today, vessels with a sense of craftsmanship from the middle of the 20th century are still produced. We keep moving forward with the attitude that we constantly want to progress. That’s why we listen to our customers’ needs and guide our product development. The same attitude is the basis for our commitment to sustainability, which you can read more about here.

Contract manufacturing

The manufacturing methods and custom-built machines in our production create unique opportunities for the manufacture of stainless steel products for a variety of applications. We can find solutions through our competencies, which include welding, polishing, deep drawing, eccentric pressing, pressure turning, rolling and polishing. This means that our factory in Eskilstuna now produces world-class stainless steel subcontracted products.

Amsta’s history

Amsta started as early as 1946 in Kolbäck by two partners who had previously worked together on similar manufacturing. Through the three partners, there was knowledge of both production and administration. The largest product was initially a modified so-called Fina pitcher that was very popular in the 40s and 50s. We continue with stylish design and are proud that we still have regular customers from the beginning!

When the next generation was taking over, the remaining shares in the company were bought by the majority owner who ran the company in-house until 2005 when the entire company was sold to Idesta in Eskilstuna. Shortly thereafter, the business moved to Idesta’s premises in Eskilstuna, where it continues to operate today.